​Board of Directors Meeting
Date: May 20, 2020
Time: 6:30 P.M.
Location: Virtual Meeting via Conference Call  
*Details available on the Meeting Notice which will be available on the portal. 

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SunTrust Gate Schedule as of March 9, 2020

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What it means to live in a condominium
Condominium living is not for everyone, but a better understanding of what you see and what you get is helpful. Three distinct parts make up the condominium. The first part is your exclusive ownership of a single unit within the walls of the unit. The second part is joint ownership of all common areas; the buildings and the grounds. The third part is an agreement of owners for the management and administration of the total condominium property. This unique interrelationship between the parts of a condominium distinguishes it from other forms of ownership. It requires strict adherence to a set of rules to create equal living for all owners.  

A Property Manager is employed to accomplish all day to day activities of the community. A Board of Directors is elected by the unit owners to work with the Property Manager. They meet monthly to discuss and authorize any questionable issues. The administration of the total condominium property follows Florida Statutes §718, which was revised and updated in 2014, and all St. Andrews Condominium documents. Residents are requested to cooperate with the management of the Condominium in seeing that the rules and regulations are observed. Please report all questions or complaints directly to the Property Manager.

General Information

Please be advised it is the Unit owner's responsibility for closing their main water shutoff and inlet valve to their hot water tank to prevent a possible catastrophic water damage occurrence. Also turn the electric circuit breaker for the heater to the off position.

We often have the problem that solid waste such as TV sets, computers, paint , etc... are dumped into our waste containers. These items are hazardous waste and need to be disposed of properly. The county has collecting points during the year where waste can be dropped off free of charge.


​Property Maintenance
Your property will be serviced on the following dates (weather permitting):

Thursdays        Lawn Maintenance

June 3             Detailing 
June 9             Irrigation
July 3              Chemical Application for June/July

Pool Information
You must be an owner to obtain a pool access code

*If you are a renter, please contact your landlord to obtain the pool access code.

Board of Directors
Robert Swanson, President
Jerry Polston, Vice President
Jay Roberts, Treasurer
Neil Lasky, Director
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